Justifying the Uber

Editor’s note: This article is not an endorsement of Uber. The company was used a placeholder for all ride-sharing companies. Uber has recently come under fire for sending its drivers into John F. Kennedy International Airport while taxi drivers struck in opposition to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The Daily
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How to be as low maintenance as possible

As the semester drags on and midterms and papers continue to slap us in the face, the struggle to get out of bed and put effort into looking presentable for our tragically difficult days as UC Berkeley students becomes more and more real. Now that you’re at the halfway point
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Exercise is for the weak

Don’t watch those new episodes that were just added to Netflix. Don’t sleep through lecture for the fourth time this week. Don’t exercise. You heard us, disregard the pleas of Michelle Obama and the American Heart Association and avoid physical activity at all costs. Contrary to popular belief, the risks and negative externalities
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Best food delivery services

We’ve all been there — sitting hungry at home, too tired to cook or go out and buy a meal. Luckily, here in the Bay Area, we have plenty options to remedy that. Gone are the days where your only choice was to get pizza delivered to your door. One of the fastest growing segments of the sharing economy is food delivery, with many startups starting right here in Berkeley. But with so many options, which should you choose and still get a fast, cheap and, at times, free meal? Luckily, we have you covered.
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Lazy Break Snacks

Lazy break snacks

The last thing anyone wants to do over break is work, and as much as we all love eating, food preparation can sometimes be a lot of work. Cooking is a hassle, and the clean-up process is an even larger inconvenience. You can’t even bring yourself to think about planning a full-blown
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Clog reveals: How to make your essays longer

After a long caffeine-fueled evening that has stretched into the wee hours of the morning, you’ve finally written the conclusion of your essay. All the loose ends are tied up and you’ve explained everything you could. But wait. Your essay you’ve so “carefully” crafted in one night is not the
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How to put off doing your laundry

Ah, laundry. If only we could travel back in time to the days when our mothers did our laundry. The clothes smelt so good, felt so soft. Now our clothes are marred with random bleach stains and are awkwardly shrunken down. The fabric isn’t as soft or as bright as it
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