The botanical garden: a taste test

College students jump at the chance of any free meal, but sadly they are few and far between. Usually, we won’t get a free meal unless we go to an info session, a tailgate or head back home. But what if there have been free meals here all along? Yes, perhaps
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Amanda Hart/Staff

Places on campus to get cozy for the autumn weather

As October ended, the autumn weather officially began. The air is now crisp, the leaves are changing colors and sweater weather is here. Maybe you’re glad to say goodbye to the warm months. Or you’re from the East Coast and think “cold” by California standards is silly. Or maybe you’re
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Farm Decor

Autumn in your residence hall, summer outside

Fall is supposed to be upon us. Our brains have already begun to think about Halloween costume ideas, and we can get a sniff of pumpkin spice as we walk past Caffe Strada. However, the leaves are not changing, and there is not a crispness in the air, considering it’s 75 degrees. But just because
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Mary Zheng/File

It’s finally fall, and we’re super excited

With summer coming to an end and the fall semester in full swing, it already seems like it’s time to start giving up. But even though it might be getting harder to wake up on time and run to class, fall really isn’t so bad — especially here in Berkeley. Here’s a
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