My change of allegiance

It’s hard to picture LeBron James as an underdog. Packing 250 pounds of pure muscle into a 6-foot-8 frame, it’s a mental struggle to parcel him into the same category as Oliver Twist or Daniel LaRusso (also known as the Karate Kid, for those who don’t know his actual name).
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Standing by the King

Cheers rise from Pappy’s, as drunken fans celebrate another Warriors bucket during the second game of the NBA Finals. Five seconds later on the game stream I’m watching just a block away, Steph Curry drains another three. And I seethe. Not just because no matter how legal the stream, lag
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Austin Issacsohn_online

The Mamba Manifesto

Just when I thought I had cried enough with finals coming up. I read the poem, and I couldn’t handle it. Kobe, the one show my parents would let me stay up late to watch as a kid. Kobe, the greatest spectacle in the entertainment capital of the world. Kobe,
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5 reasons we are train wrecks

This summer’s latest buzz-worthy movie, “Trainwreck,” is a comedic take on the realistic and oh-so-relatable struggle of what it’s like to be a total mess. The film, written and starred in by Amy Schumer, follows Amy, a character who leads a superficially satisfied and worry-free life of commitment-free sex and
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Better late than never

Because of my Latino family’s religious-like devotion to soccer, I grew up with an indifferent perspective toward basketball. My lack of interest in the sport continued throughout my teenage years because I was terrible on the court: I couldn’t shoot if my life depended on it, I dribbled as if
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Thumb Wars: This summer in sports

Thumbs Up I’d qualify this whole argument by first saying that a non-Olympic, non-men’s World Cup summer of sports can only be so interesting. Other than the  occasional dramatic conclusions to the NBA and NHL playoffs, a summer like this basically consists of midseason baseball highlights, offseason NFL news, and
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More touching means more winning?

Should the Dallas Mavericks pull off an NBA Finals upset over Miami’s Big Three, everyone’s top two reasons will likely be: Dirk playing like Dirk, or LeBron James … not playing as well. Researchers from Cal have another hypothesis:

Look before you leap

off the beat

Exhibit No. 1: LeBron James is drifting on the weak side of the court, wholly uninvolved in the last home game he will ever play in Cleveland. He throws the ball out of bounds and misses 11 of his 14 shots. “I spoil a lot of people with my play,”
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