Shoved into controversy

CAMPUS ISSUES: Cal basketball coach Mike Montgomery should not have shoved Allen Crabbe, but the issue has been blown out of proportion.

In the heat of the moment, Mike Montgomery let his emotions get the best of him. Down by double-digit points to an opponent it should have been besting, the Cal men’s basketball team needed to turn Sunday’s game against USC around. Fast. So Montgomery approached junior guard Allen Crabbe and,
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The Lombardo Trophy: When a politician forgets his place

Let’s call it The Shove. No, let’s call it Shovegate. Maybe Shovepocalypse. Wait, I’ve got it — Shovegatepocalypse. Yes, that seems appropriately hyperbolic. For those of you living under a rock — and even then, I doubt you cave dwellers have not heard about this; I am sure ESPN, Grantland,
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UC President Mark Yudolf (center) will be retiring at the end of August.

Yudof leaves mixed legacy after nearly five-year tenure

UC President Mark Yudof announced Friday in a statement that he will step down at the end of August. Yudof cited “taxing health issues” and a desire to “make a change in (his) professional lifestyle” as reasons for the departure. After leaving, he will return to teaching law at UC
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