lemon bar

Lemon bar recipe

What better way to complement the random period of fine weather than making a batch of lemon bars? The buttery shortbread crust melts in your mouth, and the lemon filling instantly brightens up your palate. Not to mention, it’s so easy to make that you’ll have time to study for
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An easy, gourmet meal to make in your room

UC Berkeley students are always one of three things: tired, stressed or hungry. In order to survive, we’ve gotten used to getting only three hours of sleep, being stressed about not being stressed enough and eating one (and a half, if we’re lucky) meal a day. But, when we’re fortunate enough
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What’s in the water?

In light of the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s recent announcement about potential changes to tap water color and taste, we at the Clog will certainly be investing in a Brita filter. But it might be easier — and cheaper — for us if the problem were stopped at the source. So, we thought about
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Happy Popcorn Lover’s Day!

We at the Clog are sure that all of you popcorn enthusiasts know today is Popcorn Lover’s Day! These puffed kernels are a classic part of any movie viewing or study session, as their airy quality allows you to eat and eat, and not actually notice that the tub or
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Lemon ricotta hotcakes for brunch at Venus

Walking down Shattuck Avenue, I’ve passed Venus many times, but it never stood out to me, because I was always in a rush to go elsewhere. It wasn’t until my roommate gushed about how delicious brunch there was that I made a point to go there. Having arrived early, I
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