Alan Dershowitz’s problematic liberalism should be countered

There’s a free speech crisis in this country. Adam Serwer at the Atlantic sums it up nicely: “Republican legislators have proposed ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bills that essentially criminalize peaceful protest; bills that all but outlaw protest itself; and bills that offer some protections to drivers who strike protesters with automobiles.
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Selective outrage on transgender ban reveals liberal hypocrisy

President Trump’s transgender ban, reinstating a ban on transgender individuals from serving in the military, is another example of Trump’s headline-grabbing self-absorption, demonstrating how electing a capricious demagogue with a base rife with transphobia can cause trans service members around the globe to suffer. Though disappointing, this directive is hardly
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letter to the editor

A freshman weighs in on the campus’s human letter

Your article covering the Golden Bears Orientation states that participants were to take a historical “all-class photo.” I want to share my thoughts on this phrasing. Actually, this “class photo” features not the class members, but primarily focuses on the fact that together these people form a letter “C,” breaking
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