Alan Dershowitz’s problematic liberalism should be countered

There’s a free speech crisis in this country. Adam Serwer at the Atlantic sums it up nicely: “Republican legislators have proposed ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bills that essentially criminalize peaceful protest; bills that all but outlaw protest itself; and bills that offer some protections to drivers who strike protesters with automobiles.
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Signs across campus asking students to "First accept, then Resist" were vandalized to convey "Do not accept, resist." Protests continued throughout campus on Wednesday,  November 9, 2016 in Berkeley, Calif. (Rachael Garner/Senior Staff)

The loud and hateful backlash of white America

When the news came, it hit me slowly. We watched. The numbers came in, trickling down. Then came the looking around the room. Eyes were wide — a worried wide, and if they could speak, they would’ve said “No,” or “Why?” On the screen, in a little box in the
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The liberal label

Subliminal Signification

During my first six weeks at UC Berkeley, I learned about the Zapatistas and their resistance to neoliberalism in Mexico in my Chicano studies class. My immediate reaction was, wait, isn’t liberalism good?
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The politics of hookups

The Devil's Advocate

In her provocatively titled new book “The End of Sex,” noted religion and sexuality scholar Donna Freitas does something rather unusual — she attacks the notorious college “hookup culture” from the feminist left. Commentators sometimes nostalgically lament the supposed collapse of courtship among young people. But as of late, feminists
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Congressman Barney Frank speaks about the relationship between the United States and Israel.

Speaking frankly, persuading subtly

On Thursday, Representative Barney Frank took the stage of a crowded Dwinelle lecture hall, addressing an enthusiastic audience of students with his typical congressional swagger. Best known for his former chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee (and remarkable comeback abilities), one would expect the Massachusetts congressman to speak about
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