What are you waiting for?


Dear Megaphone, You know that song “Waiting for My Real Life to Begin?” That’s me. That song is my life. I feel like I waited through high school to get to college so that things could start. But now I’m here, and it’s just more wait. It’s just like one
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Letter: July 15 – July 21

A different look at why the humanities matters Many thanks to Martin Jay for his defense of the humanities (“Why the humanities,” July 8). Alongside a halfhearted suggestion, half-abandoned in the penultimate sentence, that a humanities major is good for the career, he suggests that the humanities are about critical
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The race against time

Not so funny, guise

Tick tock. This ticking of an analog clock is more commonly known as the soundtrack to many of our lives. From the moment Cal became a reality, it seems as if many of us have been thrust into a race that has no foreseeable end. As students, we are trained
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Life on earth started by … comets?

Here at Cal, we like to tackle the big questions. After all, we are one of the world’s premier research universities. Continuing with this tradition, UC Berkeley scientists are now attempting to answer one of the biggest questions in existence: how did life on earth begin? Told you it was
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Reminder: Smell the roses

Life is hard — it’s unfair a lot of the time. No matter how many obstacles have been overcome, the next is not too far away. This may be a cynical way of looking at things, but it’s the truth. It’s undeniable. Some people just deal with their problems better
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