Twek Team

Twerk Team goes viral in San Francisco

For those of you who have not heard of twerking — to say, those of you who fall under the elderly, Caucasian demographic — it has swept our already-sexually-promiscuous country with its motto of “shake, wobble and jiggle” in 2013. Regardless of whether the word derived from (foo)twork or twist-and-jerk,
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Bun B creates hip-hop coloring book

Rapper Bun B teams up with Shea Serrano for rap activity book

Rap music tends to take itself a little too seriously. Even with plenty of playful personas in the genre, most parties involved are not necessarily allowed to show off their fun side. This fall, Houston rap legend Bun B, who stands as a flag bearer for the rap community as
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lil wayne album cover iamnot courtesy Republic Records

Lil Wayne: I Am Not A Human Being II

There’s the essential canon of Lil Wayne’s extensive discography, and then there’s I Am Not A Human Being II. With his incredible music run in the second half of the last decade, Lil Wayne fulfilled his personal quest to become one of rap’s greats. The next few years found Wayne
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A little birdie told me …

Life in the Matrix

@DailyCalReaders: I wish I could keep this to just one sentence. #ThingsWomenWant. Last week I offered my downloadable service as a shaman for your digital adventures. Thank you for supporting @TonyJesus. Your free trial has 10 columns left. At the end, you will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction
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james bell

Mixtapes make hip-hop history

Do you remember G-Unit Radio? How about You Know What It Is? Maybe Gangsta Grillz? I do. I remember being in middle school and high school listening to the newest mixtapes from these now classic series feeling like I was a straight G, like I was listening to the most
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Sample Sundays: Calling on Jon B.

What it mountain dew y’all? It’s a new semester. Everything is full of promise. There are no grades yet and life is good. So, you know what that means. It’s time for Sample Sundays to break you off with some muzak for your hard drive. Now, since we all will
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