The good, the Fred and the boring

Should a team not just win, but provide some sort of entertainment while doing so? The question has bothered the sports community for decades and Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Sevilla brought the question to the forefront of the soccer world.
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Champions League corner: All hail Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian and former Roma striker has proven to be the best signing of the offseason, as he’s already been involved in 40 of Liverpool’s goals in the 36 matches he’s played in for the club — scoring 30 of them and assisting on an additional 10.
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Today’s 11 best soccer players

Recognition in soccer has seemed to veer in the direction of popularity instead of the actual work displayed on the field. It’s astonishing how some players are undermined even with the attributes they possess, so here’s a list of the best 11 players in the world and why they deserve
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Defense is boring — or is it?

The European Championships ended just over a week ago and, well, I miss it. International football is a fun affair full of breathtaking matches and unforgettable moments. This edition of the Euros ended with a great surprise when Eder scored the winning goal to give Portugal its first-ever piece of
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