Post-finals to-do list

We at the Clog are all too aware of the crushing pressure of our finals week “to-do” lists. Somehow you need to relearn an entire semester’s worth of information for four classes in a too-short amount of time, in addition to getting some semblance of sleep. The list of things
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doe library

Top 25 nightmare finals scenarios

While we do have RRR week to prepare for finals, there’s a lot of anxiety about finals here at UC Berkeley. The material itself is hard enough as is, but we tend to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. What if you oversleep the morning of your 8 a.m. final? What
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11 things UC Berkeley students are tired of hearing

Oh wow, you go to UC Berkeley. That’s so funny, I actually go to Stanford. NorCal high five! Berkeley? What’d you major in? Computer science? My father left our family to become a professor there. You go to UC Berkeley! It must be so warm there. Have you ever tripped
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End-of-semester bucket list

April is here. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the day we wave this semester goodbye draws excitingly close. We find ourselves daydreaming about the coming months — months to be spent doing the complete opposite of what our daily regimens here at UC Berkeley demand of us. Whether
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Must-haves to take with you to a midterm

Midterm season continues, and perhaps you aren’t as on top of your game as you were in the beginning of the semester. It happens to all of us. We lose pens, run out of lead, even forget a thing or two as we rush to class. Forgetting something for lecture
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So, what number am I?

During a recent homework break, I was browsing through a bunch of websites on which I like to waste time, and I stumbled upon a piece written because of the newly-released Anna Faris movie “What’s your number?” Although I had seen the movie’s trailer many times before, I had never paid
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