(D)evolving language

I can’t recall reading any acronyms in the works of Chaucer or Shakespeare. How has this rapid creation of new words become so common?
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Exploring the League of Legends scene at Cal

Online games today are accessible to everyone, and gamers no longer fit the stereotype of a chubby, socially awkward Dungeons & Dragons fanatic rolling dice in his mom’s basement. No other game is a testament to global domination more than League of Legends, the PC game created by Riot Games — the
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Abbreviation nation

The Millennial Meltdown

I like my surroundings to be clean. When my apartment is neat and organized, an angel bakes a $100  bill into an orphan’s birthday cake. When it’s filthy, the angel gives an inner-city social worker HPV. Tidiness, for me (and orphans and social workers), is therefore quite important. But of
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