Assorted clichés: my unwritten travel blog

I walked assuredly down the street a couple weeks ago in Paris, iPhone in hand and overstuffed backpack secured firmly to my shoulders. My passport and wallet hung tightly to the right side of my body in an ugly, copiously zippered black satchel I purchased before going abroad — something
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“Untitled” from the series Brooklyn Gang, 1959

Picks of the Week

The new exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery, entitled “We Could Be Heroes,” presents the excitement of being young. Focusing on the postwar era, the exhibit captures the mix of optimism and defiance that defined a generation. If you’re lucky enough to be in London any time from now until April
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Confessions of a sugar baby

Sex on Tuesday

Sugar babies everywhere were boasting lavish vacations, a life free of debt, Fendi bags — even chinchilla fur! Needless to say, I let my fear of missing out get the better of me and signed my ass up.
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Weekend escape to London

I’ve been studying in Lund, Sweden, for almost two months now, and although my current schedule includes a mere three hours of class a week, I was ready for an escape from this college town. A few people from the UC Education Abroad Program decided to spend Valentine’s Day weekend
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Why all the hubbub for the royal baby?

Unless you don’t have access to the Internet, a television or old-fashioned gossipy gawkers, you know that a baby boy was born to Prince William and Duchess Catherine on Monday, to the great excitement of the entire world. It seems like an awful lot of frenzy over a baby that
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On traveling alone

As I sat in the car crossing the English Channel with complete strangers, the conversation turned to our weekend plans. I was tired and nodded idly when asked if I was meeting up with friends, not wanting to explain my situation or my motives — of which I wasn’t even
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Travel Photo Contest

Daily Cal readers travel to many places around the world, as well as explore the spaces and places near home. We were excited to receive so many submissions for our Travel photo contest and here, we’re sharing some of our favorites. Travel is part of life and the college experience.
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england 9

London Calling

FINALLY YES LONDON This magical trip began with my visiting a place I’d often heard of and one I’d also often heard English people lament about: Picadilly Circus. Please note that it is NOT actually a circus (this may seem like a ridiculous clarification, but I assure you it is
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