On traveling alone

As I sat in the car crossing the English Channel with complete strangers, the conversation turned to our weekend plans. I was tired and nodded idly when asked if I was meeting up with friends, not wanting to explain my situation or my motives — of which I wasn’t even
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Travel Photo Contest

Daily Cal readers travel to many places around the world, as well as explore the spaces and places near home. We were excited to receive so many submissions for our Travel photo contest and here, we’re sharing some of our favorites. Travel is part of life and the college experience.
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London Calling

FINALLY YES LONDON This magical trip began with my visiting a place I’d often heard of and one I’d also often heard English people lament about: Picadilly Circus. Please note that it is NOT actually a circus (this may seem like a ridiculous clarification, but I assure you it is
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Come one, come all

“Perhaps that was why he was never afraid of anyone, and yet his schoolfellows at once realized that he was not at all proud of his fearlessness, but gave the impression of someone who had no idea that he was brave and fearless.” — Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov  bruises… why must
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UC students abroad notice the impact of recent unrest

UC Berkeley junior Bonnie Tung was forced to switch public universities during her study abroad program in Santiago, Chile, these past few months due to ongoing local protests for education reform. This summer, the social and political predicaments in several foreign countries hosting thousands of UC students like Tung hit
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