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Shorts Episode #3: Your LDRs

We interviewed Cal students and got some dirty deets about their LDRs. Listen to this week’s short, where Chris and Josh chat with Jasmine Pak, Erin Wiens, and Angie Mejia about their baes. From Skype sex to potato pet names, it all goes down on Hard and Soft’s third short.
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If Gordo from “Lizzie McGuire” went to UC Berkeley

“Lizzie McGuire” was part of Disney Channel’s golden era in the early 2000s. Not only did it launch Hilary Duff’s music career, it was also a huge part of our childhood. Lizzie and her friends taught us everything we needed to know about surviving middle school (and beyond!). Adam Lamberg, the actor
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Flames, friends and flings

In moments of taunting reminiscence, I find myself once again sitting on the Cheese Board median, allotting more mouth time to flirting with this almost-stranger than to devouring the heavenly parmesan pizza sitting between us.
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