Lovable Losers

I don’t know why I love the Cubs so much. They are consistent losers. Despite the historical mysticism, Wrigley Field is an outdated dump — my first seat at the park was directly behind a large support pole. But I do know that I love my family. I love being in Chicago. I love sitting in my grandfather’s den and watching him angrily storm out. I love Portillos, and I love laughing with my family.
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Dying in slow motion

The dissolution of the Kevin Durant – Russell Westbrook Thunder has caused visceral reactions all over the league, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Fans hate when great players leave their first team, and they hate it even more when those players join a team that looks like
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Adventure Time: Finn and Jake eat some pie

What We’re Reading

On Wednesday morning, the New York Times dropped its bombshell report on the Tallahassee Police Department’s heavily flawed investigation into rape accusations leveled against star Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. A sleek interactive layout and innovative storytelling tools add to the dramatic effect of the story, one of this year’s
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The Lombardo Trophy: The pride came; Now, the fall

The Red Sox just made one of the biggest trades in baseball’s recent past: We sent our best player — a pitcher who brought us the 2007 championship — and an outfielder we bought for $142 million, to the Dodgers, and in return we received… um… eh… James Loney? As a fan, I should be devastated; we gutted the team and waved the white flag for the foreseeable future. But all I am is happy. It is a melancholy joy, for sure. I never thought we would go more than three years without making the playoffs — and that itself is the problem.
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Brett Jackson makes major league debut for Cubs

Former Cal baseball player Brett Jackson made his major league debut for the Chicago Cubs on Sunday, going 2-4 with two singles, a walk and a run in the Cubs’ 7-6 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The fourth-highest draft pick in Cal baseball history, Cubs fans have been awaiting
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