Bruins vs Golden Bears

As students of the first University of California (hence the sometimes obnoxious nickname “Cal”), a lot of us were fortunate enough to get into multiple other schools under the system. And very often, the decision of where to spend four years of our lives comes down to two great places:
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We Spy: an advertisement for LSD on Southside

Seeing strange things around our fair city is nothing new for the average Berkeley student. We’ve become accustomed to occasional nudity, demonstrations by protesters, the outspoken preaching of religious fundamentalists on Sproul and the sometimes-alarming interactions with our city’s homeless. Due to our high tolerance for the abnormal, a truly
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Road rage

CITY AFFAIRS:vThe city of Berkeley’s new ordinance to protect bicyclists is welcome but does little to fortify the effect of existing laws.

For drivers and bicyclists, sharing the road can be a frustrating experience that tests the patience and safety of both parties. An ordinance passed by Berkeley City Council in January, which went into effect Thursday, aims to promote safer roadways for cyclists but fails to do any more than existing
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Kind of like peas in a pod

Man Under Bridge

I grew up behind the orange curtain in a city of wide streets and Del Taco. One of those suburban cookie-cutter places in Orange County, the kind of scene subject to satire after satire, was home to me for 18 years. Then I made the great pilgrimage to Berkeley — perhaps
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From the ghetto to graduate studies

Now that the application season has concluded for millions of students applying for undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, the acceptance notifications will loom over many of their heads like dark clouds for the next few months. During this time, I will reflect on my improbable journey from inner-city public schools
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