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If Beyoncé attended Berkeley

It’d be beyond our wildest dreams if Queen B ever graced our campus with her majestic presence, and while we at the Clog never say never, we’ve realized we might have to stick to daydreaming on this one. However, our imaginations got us thinking, and we wondered exactly what Beyoncé’s
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We hate EDM

Unfortunately, we at the Clog have to collectively take responsibility for the radical views of one of our members, who is not allowed to use first-person singular and believes that electronic dance music, or EDM, is worse than Ebola. This music, which could more appropriately be described as the diegetic sound of a robot porno, has castrated the galvanizing essence of live music and has tattooed our generation with a technicolor identity, inevitably linking us to the phenomenon of flitting around in fields, getting high and selling our souls, all to the bleeps and blips of our electronic anthems.
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Usher lyrics for this week

Everyone knows that the best sort of music to play at parties is the classics. We’re talking about songs such as “Ignition” and “Gold Digger.” So this week, as you’re procrastinating by listening to songs such as these and wondering how you could avoid responsibilities in the most effective manner, you might
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Taylor Swift lyrics that apply to your Tele-BEARS

Tele-BEARS is important for us because it helps us transition to another semester, and yet, “we couldn’t quite forget” the horrors it brings about. It seems as though we are never truly “out of the woods” with Tele-BEARS, and “Tele-FUCKED” is a term that will be forever embedded into our
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