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BART adventures: Rockridge stop in Oakland

Part three of BART adventures is here. We’re leaving San Francisco and heading back to the East Bay to explore the Rockridge BART stop. Although Rockridge is fairly close to the UC Berkeley campus, it feels like an entire world away. And in some respects, it is. Rockridge lacks the
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A recipe for mac, minus cheese

A tempting comparison of our lives during midterms to the World War II bombing of Dresden may be just a tad melodramatic, but, as Billy Pilgrim would say, so it goes. Sometimes we, too, feel as though our every quirk and quibble would be better exhibited in an alien zoo
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The hunt for Berkeley’s best mac and cheese

Whoever decided to put delicious carbs and cheesy goodness together in one magical dish is truly a genius. Ever since its invention, mac ‘n’ cheese has basically been rumored to be the eighth wonder of the world. And for those with inadequate funds or time for a nice dinner out
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Reading of Homeroom’s ‘The Mac + Cheese Cookbook’

Erin Wade, co-chef of Oakland’s beloved mac ‘n’ cheese restaurant Homeroom, gave a reading from “The Mac + Cheese Cookbook” ($16.99, Ten Speed Press) at the bookstore Mrs. Dalloway’s last Wednesday. The book begins with a few blurbs about Homeroom and the co-chefs/owners/authors Wade and Allison Arevalo. It offers many
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