How to conform at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley definitely isn’t a place that screams “conformity” (although people here may scream it at you). And trust us, we know what you’re thinking: “UC Berkeley couldn’t possibly be a conformist place! Just think of the history! The Free Speech Movement was born here! What would Mario Savio think
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‘Hey, can you watch my stuff?’

We’ve all been there. You’re studying for your midterm in the library and, after drinking two large Peet’s coffees and an iced tea from Caffe Strada, you realize that your studies will have to be abruptly interrupted by a quick bathroom break. After avoiding the urge for a good seven
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The Throwback Thursday you need

Millenial Meltdown

Instead of excavating through the reserves of childhood photos and late-90s Polaroids (I think it was 1999 when Congress passed the Polaroids Are Cool Again Act) on my computer for a suitable Throwback Thursday Instagram, I thought I would go one step further. I went to see a movie. In IMAX.
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Why does everybody have a MacBook?

Nothing typifies a Cal lecture hall more than the glimmer of those silver computers under the sweltering lights — and the ever-increasing feeling that you may be the only one in the room without one. Have you ever asked yourself why the hell everybody seems to have a MacBook? Well, we
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