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A step in the right direction

Los Angeles, somewhat fairly, has a reputation as a fair-weather sports city. The notorious joke about Dodger fans arriving in the third inning and leaving in the seventh is absolutely true. Two NFL teams had to leave the city behind because Angelenos notoriously just didn’t care about the sport, and
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NBA Top 25: 4-2

Nearly at the summit of the league’s greatest, we today examine the league’s storied past — three players who combined for 22 NBA Championships and 14 MVP awards. And we haven’t even touched Jordan yet. #4 Bill Russell By Austin Isaacsohn I’m a pretty annoying person to argue sports with.
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Respect your elders

My blood boiled as we walked down the steep hill next to the East Asian Library. I heard the boys arguing, their voices rising in pitch and aggression as their paces gained speed. I disengaged myself from the conversation. “Kobe deserves to be in the top 10. Hell, he deserves
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The Mamba Manifesto

Just when I thought I had cried enough with finals coming up. I read the poem, and I couldn’t handle it. Kobe, the one show my parents would let me stay up late to watch as a kid. Kobe, the greatest spectacle in the entertainment capital of the world. Kobe,
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