Daily Cal - What's Making you Sick - Final (1)

Quiz: why are you sick?

Goodbye first half of the semester, hello germs. Now that it’s week eight, it seems as though everywhere you turn, someone’s coughing so hard that they end up hocking up a loogie or blowing their nose so vigorously that it seems like they’re rehearsing a complex trumpet solo. The air is
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How to be as low maintenance as possible

As the semester drags on and midterms and papers continue to slap us in the face, the struggle to get out of bed and put effort into looking presentable for our tragically difficult days as UC Berkeley students becomes more and more real. Now that you’re at the halfway point
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Michael Drummond File

How to get away with eating in Main Stacks

It’s midterm season, meaning that we’re constantly tired and hungry. Even though we can take intermittent naps in Main Stacks without people disturbing us, eating a small or even a large snack is no easy feat. Based on people and events we’ve seen (remember, actions truly do speak louder than words),
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Shirley Sun/Staff

Quiz: What’s that smell?

Ah, Berkeley. A place filled with all sorts of unique and distinct things — people, food and most importantly, smells. From the dining halls of the residence halls to the compost bins scattered around campus, you always seem to be assaulted with some offensive odor. You’re used to it, but with all
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5 ways to remember your semester abroad

Everyone says that studying abroad is an unforgettable experience. Taking great photos or getting quality souvenirs can really help you remember your last-minute weekend trips more easily years down the line. Rather than coming home with the same postcard pictures as everyone else, however, check out some of these tips for making more personalized mementos.
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The view from the Cal Band section of Memorial Stadium. (Matthew Lee/Staff)

Game day through the eyes of a Cal Bandsman

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, Game Days! Full of drunken revelry and, of course, lots of Cal pride, game days definitely make us proud to be Golden Bears (even if we don’t always win the actual game). But, there are plenty of students who don’t
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zeppelin rules

UC Berkeley desk art

Who we are during our deepest, darkest Main Stacks moments and during the indulgent periods of intense solitude we encounter when we take a dump is often expressed by a strong, shrieking voice in our heads that demands to be immortalized. The thoughts that make it to the public surfaces are
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Campanile with Trees

First impressions of UC Berkeley

For a first-timer at UC Berkeley, there’s a lot that suddenly jumps out at you — the idiosyncrasies that are just very Berkeley. And there are many things that form your first impression of Berkeley. Most of us hear this or that before we get here, but there are some things you just need to experience in person to really understand this place.
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