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How to bring your Starbucks red cups everywhere

Warning: Please don’t actually bring your Starbucks drinks to these places. Chill and lay off the caffeine for a bit. Some of us are single and cold during the holidays, so “till death do us part” is more applicable to our drinks because they do just as good of a job keeping us warm.
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Urban Dictionary: UC Berkeley edition

Since 1999, has served to educate us about the colloquial vernacular used throughout the years. As students at UC Berkeley, we have experiences that are unique and particular to our community and social climate (aka, this place is oftentimes referred to as “Berzerkeley” for a reason). Said experiences have inspired
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Drake lyrics for midterm season

When Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video splattered itself all over the Internet, it was likely you splattered your coffee all over your notebook. Yes, the unfortunate coinciding of midterm season with the now notorious (and we aren’t talking B.I.G.) music video, is surely a point of consternation. It is truly a shame
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UC Berkeley’s haunted halls

With all of the Halloween spirit going around, we at the Clog couldn’t help but realize that there are some spooky things inside our hallowed halls. With a campus this old, there’s no way that we don’t have a few ghosts hanging around. We did a little digging and managed to
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Calstrology: the back-to-school edition

Welcome back to UC Berkeley, everyone! As the new school year begins, take a look at your zodiac sign to see what this year has in store for you. Aries: Berkeley squirrel Take time to enjoy the nice things in life, whether it be a bite of someone else’s food or chasing
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Berkeley campus ‘staycation’

You don’t have to travel anywhere to experience the highs and lows of vacation: You can experience it all on the Berkeley campus. With our help, you can recreate the feelings of traveling and seeing new sights right here. We’ve listed the campus equivalents of popular travel destinations and activities.
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Activities you wonder if students actually do

As critical as some of these activities are for us in order to become successful and well-rounded students, they are unfortunately not prioritized in the midst of our test cramming and Tinder swiping. Though we are personally unable to make time for them, we at the Clog always wonder if
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10 finals week pick-up lines

So it’s finals week, and you’ve given up hope of finding your sophomore sweetheart, your freshman fantasy. That’s good, because that’s not why you should be here. As your mother would say, work is more important — you need to focus on getting the A before you get the bae.
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Bingo: dead week and finals week edition

Dead week is a confusing time. On one hand, it seems like we have all this free time — it could even be considered a week-long vacation! But on the other hand, we all know what we should be doing because of the fast-approaching week after — yes, studying. The end
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