UC Berkeley desk art

zeppelin rules
Natalie Silver/Staff

Who we are during our deepest, darkest Main Stacks moments and during the indulgent periods of intense solitude we encounter when we take a dump is often expressed by a strong, shrieking voice in our heads that demands to be immortalized. The thoughts that make it to the public surfaces are
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Campanile with Trees

First impressions of UC Berkeley

For a first-timer at UC Berkeley, there’s a lot that suddenly jumps out at you — the idiosyncrasies that are just very Berkeley. And there are many things that form your first impression of Berkeley. Most of us hear this or that before we get here, but there are some things you just need to experience in person to really understand this place.
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Post-finals to-do list

We at the Clog are all too aware of the crushing pressure of our finals week “to-do” lists. Somehow you need to relearn an entire semester’s worth of information for four classes in a too-short amount of time, in addition to getting some semblance of sleep. The list of things
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Bare asses and anxious expressions: naked run 2k16

On Wednesday night, we joined in with the many students making the semesterly migration to Main Stacks in the hopes of experiencing something quintessentially and almost excruciatingly Berkeley: the naked run. Every semester during RRR week, fearless UC Berkeley students shamelessly streak through our main library as we less courageous folk
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Places to hide in case of a zombie attack

Zombies are one of our favorite monsters here at the Clog. They move slowly and awkwardly, only think about food and stand as a terrifying symbol for man’s capacity to bring about his own downfall (all of which are things we as college students can relate to). Despite this, if
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Quiz: Where should you study for your midterms?

There are tons of places to study all over campus, but which one is most suitable for you? Sometimes, deciding where to finish your English novel or Computer Science 70 project is tough, and studying in the right environment can significantly increase your work efficiency. If you’re unsure about where
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Not all heroes wear masks, but Naked Run participants do

At 9 p.m. on Tuesday, a group of 30-40 UC Berkeley students participated in the infamous Naked Run, which takes place every semester during RRR Week. Electricity and excitement buzzed in the air as the runners scrambled to change out of their clothes and into their costumes of choice from within the confines
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Catherine Straus/Staff

How to bring your Starbucks red cups everywhere

Warning: Please don’t actually bring your Starbucks drinks to these places. Chill and lay off the caffeine for a bit. Some of us are single and cold during the holidays, so “till death do us part” is more applicable to our drinks because they do just as good of a job keeping us warm.
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Urban Dictionary: UC Berkeley edition

Since 1999, urbandictionary.com has served to educate us about the colloquial vernacular used throughout the years. As students at UC Berkeley, we have experiences that are unique and particular to our community and social climate (aka, this place is oftentimes referred to as “Berzerkeley” for a reason). Said experiences have inspired
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