Yordano Ventura, Andy Marte latest victims of troubling trend

Major League Baseball has a major problem on its hands that requires immediate action. This issue revolves not around performance-enhancing drugs, gambling or hacking, but a substance which has become a staple in professional sports: alcohol. On Sunday, January 22, pitcher Yordano Ventura and infielder Andy Marte died in two
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That’s ‘Madam Commissioner’ to You

Now that Bud Selig is finally stepping down as commissioner of Major League Baseball, he is leaving behind a sport that is being watched less than football and even basketball. It’s time to find an innovative and forceful replacement. That would be me. First of all, it’s time a woman
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The Lombardo Trophy: Keepers unworthy of their keys

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America began its vote for the 2013 Hall of Fame class Wednesday. This particular iteration of the ballot — which includes all-time greats like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire — has triggered the fiercest debate yet among the baseball media over whether known
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Selig should have moved the All-Star game

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently struck out, big time, by refusing to relocate the 82nd All-Star Game from Phoenix, Arizona, to another city due to the desert state’s  immigration law, SB 1070. Although the core of this draconian law remains under a federal court injunction, if Arizona Gov.
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Ellen McDermott

Madam Yankee

Cal graduate Jean Afterman has taken her talents from the Berkeley stage to a Major League office in the Bronx

In the cut-throat world of Major League Baseball’s front offices, it’s hard to know when you have arrived. Jobs are transitory, achievements ephemeral. However, one litmus test for success over the decades had been showing one’s mettle across the negotiating table from George “The Boss” Steinbrenner. The notoriously intimidating, bullish
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