CalSuhhhhh: Overheard conversations

It all started on a Thursday afternoon when a super-tan, Izod polo-wearing, lime green Hydroflask-sporting gentleman with a CalSO nametag around his neck found an open spot among the zoo on Memorial Glade. He opened a bag of chips and tapped the person next to him, who was wearing the
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Best decision we ever made

“College is going to be the best time of your life.” We’ve all heard it before. Some middle-aged family friend has looked at us wistfully whilst repeating the all-too-familiar maxim about making these four years something you will treasure until the day you die. Yeah, no pressure there. … Just make this
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The perils of being an undeclared student

It’s about to get serious up in here. Picking a major is really hard. A lot of people come to UC Berkeley knowing exactly what they want to do, pursue that happily and thrive. With carefree pre-med, pre-law and pre-Haas people flouncing around you, flaunting their certainty and confidence, it
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Sunset article

Thoughts for prospective double majors

Even before I came to Berkeley, I knew I would major in English. What I didn’t know is that I would also fall so in love with molecules that I would go for Biochemistry, too. To all prospective double majors who are still on the brink of declaring academic labels, listen
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Love affair with my major

During my first year of college, I dated eight different majors — history, Middle Eastern studies, sociology, history of art, anthropology, rhetoric, peace and conflict studies and philosophy — all of which gave me some great memories. There were good times with all of them, and they all had my
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International students on UC Berkeley’s reputation abroad

As everyone knows, UC Berkeley is a very diverse school with students from all over the world. For the fall 2013 semester, international students represented 17.4 percent of incoming freshmen. In the United States, Cal is widely recognized as one of the top universities academically, but we’re also famous for liberalism,
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Factors to consider when declaring a major

Declaring a major is a milestone in college. Finally you’ll have an answer to the question you get asked by literally everyone. Seriously, everyone — your friends, random people you meet, GSIs, your parents and distant relatives. Here are some things to consider when deciding what major to declare. No
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Best pick-up lines according to major

“The way to a woman’s heart is the right pick-up line,” said nobody ever. Nevertheless, male suitors take it upon themselves time and time again to try and woo a lady with a trite motley of witty phrases. Oh, cheesy orators, when will you learn that honesty is the best
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Breaking news: engineers will get jobs

Cal’s class of 2013 is constantly plagued by the uber-competitive job market. The Wall Street Journal blog’s “Highest-Paid College Majors” list kicks those fears into high gear, just in time for graduation season. Not surprisingly, seven out of the 10 majors listed were off-shoots of engineering, which is good for
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Learning to accept an uncertain future

Salas in solace

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I’ve been asked countless times by distant relatives, complete strangers — pretty much anyone who wants an excuse to seem interested in my life.
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