"I Am Not Your Negro" | Velvet Film Grade: A-

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ delivers poignant, well-timed take on race in modern America

Elevating James Baldwin’s unfinished novel “Remember This House” to film, Oscar-nominated director Raoul Peck offers remarkable insight into Baldwin’s views on race, power and systemic oppression in the United States while placing the author’s thoughts into a contemporary context with his gripping documentary “I Am Not Your Negro.” Narrated by
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Disinterest must not deter advocates for social justice

I finished Malcolm X’s autobiography about two weeks ago after learning a lot about the civil rights movement earlier this summer. Reading about a person with such an incredible amount of conviction and belief in his cause is humbling and inspiring. But reading the truths that Malcom X spoke about 50 years ago and realizing they still ring true is both alarming and a call for action.
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Freedom of speech?

Although we attend a campus that espouses the right to freedom of speech stemming from the Free Speech Movement in the 1960’s, it is sad to see that this freedom is offered to some and denied to others. Freedom of speech does not imply that anyone completely agrees with what
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