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Top 5 most attractive majors at UC Berkeley

As much as we try to steer away from the stereotype that some majors have better-looking students than others, these stereotypes have to have developed from somewhere. We hate to break it to you, but certain majors and classes just look better walking out of the lecture halls than do
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The Man Bun

Protect the mun (man-bun)

Just as the murse trend swept the nation, the mun has reached the United States. While forever a popular hairstyle for our English-speaking mates across the pond or those living “down unda,” American men have finally caught on that girls dig the luscious flow. Ladies and gentlemen, you can thank Jared
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back bun

The mystery of the man bun

They come in all varieties: curly, straight, half-up, half-down. They’re at the gym, outside Dwinelle, in cafes on Northside. The concept is simple: a hair tie, a steady grasp and a simple flourish of the hand. But the result is so much more. The man bun — i.e. bun worn by a man — has arrived at UC Berkeley.
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