Pursuing a career in the arts

I stifle myself. I nervously chuckle. I shrug. I hope that the question will linger in the air long enough that it withers in strength and falls to the floor in ignored irrelevance. I dance around my true answer for one that is only partly true. Or, I say it quickly
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Asha Tea House, 2086 University Ave,  Berkeley

Get your tea fix fast and fresh at Asha Tea House

It is a hot, humid afternoon, and you and your friends are walking around Shattuck aimlessly. Or maybe it’s a cold evening and either your GSI has just slashed your grade, or your lover, your heart. What you want now is some steaming matcha, as thick as they can make
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A Cinephile’s Journey to New York City

I’m not sure if Americans realize this, but the United States is one of the most surreal places for a foreigner to travel to. American culture, particularly cinema has an unparalleled global reach. I watch more American films in a year than my country has produced in its entire history.
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This Week in Arts

Film The week of March 5 offers a surfeit of great repertory picks for San Francisco cinephiles. On March 7, The Castro Theatre screens Woody Allen’s hilarious and nostalgic “Manhattan” in its proper 35mm format. On March 9, The Castro screens two ’90s gems, “Reality Bites” and “My Own Private
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