Protesters march four days, about 79 miles on foot to Capitol building

Jan Flatley-Feldman/Staff
Marchers walked through urban streets, suburban town, and rural farms on their way to UC Davis and eventually Sacramento.

SACRAMENTO —The decision to set out on foot from the East Bay toward Sacramento was an easy choice to make for Maggie Hardy. The UC Berkeley freshman had participated in the Occupy Cal movement and committed to the “99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice” — a four-day walk
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Paving the way

HIGHER EDUCATION: March 5 protests in Sacramento are remarkable for all the things activists did right, not the spectacle they generated.

A multifaceted strategy is imperative for success in any struggle. Whether its on some far-flung battlefield or while navigating political challenges at home, effectively engaging with all obstacles only increases the chances of victory. The March 5 Day of Action in Sacramento, as well as protests leading up to it, in
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