March Madness 1st Week Reactions

Leading up to the first week of March Madness, the thing we most look forward to is the potential for upsets. This opening week saw millions of brackets broken because of wins that almost no one could see coming. But those busted brackets matter far less than the lasting memories
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Toy with my emotions, March

I’m heated. Not because Cal didn’t make the NCAA tournament ─ its late-season collapse spelled more than enough doom for the Bears ─ but because numbers have failed me. Numbers never lie, but clearly the metrics for giving a bid to the Big Dance stand far beyond what’s apparent to
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Potential Final Four Teams

The excitement of March Madness is only days away, but before we can kick off the Big Dance, there are, of course, those brackets to fill out. But making the perfect bracket is almost impossible to do, so here are some thoughts about predicting the Final Four teams. East Region:
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How to succeed amid the madness of March

Madness. Mania. Mayhem. March. All those triggering ‘M’ words probably had you waiting for the dreaded mention of midterms, but we’re referring to something much more important. March Madness.  With the tournament bracket being announced this Sunday, you’ve still got a hot minute to conduct a few quick Google searches
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Tunesday: March Madness

Music and basketball go hand in hand, often influencing one another through fashion and sound. And, as last night was the last day of March Madness, it’s only right to dedicate a Tuneday to one of the largest events in America. Despite Cal’s early elimination, we can still celebrate our
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