Let them eat upsets

Think of the French Revolution, and what comes to mind? Likely, thousands of sans-culottes storming the Bastille in their liberty caps and ending French totalitarian rule once and for all. In 1960, historian Albert Cobban argued au contraire. Cobban’s “Myth of the French Revolution” pointed out that France remained an
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The guitar riff that Peter Frampton plays does not make us want to buy this car.

The worst commercial of March Madness

Do you hate that Buick commercial with Peter Frampton? So do we.

The CBS online streaming package of March Madness has been the easiest four dollars I’ve spent this year. With high-definition coverage of all 67 games, it is the perfect way to follow the tournament for a TV-less college student like me. Well, almost perfect. Like in many other great American
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Confessions of a displaced Jayhawk

“Damn.” All parents have that story of their child’s first time cursing. “Taylor! You can’t say that!” To which four-year-old me responded, “I know Mommy. It’s only OK when I’m watching Kansas.” Boy, did my dad get in trouble for that one. March Madness has been in my blood since
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