UC Berkeley to unlock campus restrooms to increase accessibility

The campus began an initiative earlier this month to unlock restrooms in campus buildings in order to increase accessibility. The initiative, announced via email to the campus community, will require all restrooms in campus buildings to be unlocked for general use in order to comply with the state building code.
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Bennett views UCPD as a supportive system

It’s late Thursday morning, and UCPD Chief Margo Bennett sits calmly in her office in the basement of Sproul Hall, but her day will be anything but calm. Thursdays — like every day — are chock-full of meetings, she says, and she won’t leave the campus until 11 p.m. Advancing
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ASUC EAVP Safeena Mecklai led a safety walk on Southside to raise awareness for better lighting for pedestrians at night.

Campus and city leaders address student safety concerns

City representatives, campus officials and student leaders coalesced Thursday evening to discuss growing concerns about student safety in the neighborhoods south of campus. Attendees proposed a number of short-term solutions, including increasing light visibility and invigorating pedestrian safety campaigns in Berkeley.
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