High on life

For our floormate it’s weed; for the yogi it’s trail mix; for Ke$ha it’s your love. Be it ibuprofen or Mary Jane, everyone’s got their drug — and for us at the Clog, it’s life. That’s right, you heard us. Our personal preference for getting high is this thing called life.
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The failure of Dr. Green Thumb

Two racks, five shelves and a small sea of green. A few LED lights shine down on the plants, reflecting a shade of green. I point my finger at the marijuana clone in the front, tucked behind the rack post. It has three leaves, a small stalk and leans to
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Allison David/Staff

Portland: Hipsters and foodies welcome

Portland is often painted as a city filled with hippies and tree huggers, which is somewhat true, but there’s so much more to the city than what meets the eye. Hailing from such a chaotic and bustling city like Los Angeles, coming to Portland, which is mostly a newly built city, was somewhat of a shock to me. Compared to a hodge podge city like Los Angeles, Portland seemed insanely organized when I was met with its clear-cut biker-friendly lanes and its highly planned public parks and playgrounds.
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Back and Forth: Jeff the 420 Chef

According to reports and stories from the deep dark web, some buddies and Berkeley hearsay, a faction of kids at San Rafael High School in the ‘70s invented the idea of “420,” an exclusive marijuana-inclusive term symbolizing the group’s meeting time to smoke pot from some abandoned crop in town
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Muir Woods National Park

Weekender Picks

1. Midterm season got you down? Burned out by the quickly approaching end of the semester? If you’re looking to take a break from Berkeley and civilization in general, Yosemite and Muir Woods National Parks are participating in the National Parks Service’s free entrance day weekend. With reduced (and some
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Kids, drugs are bad, m’kay

Loyal Opposition

Drugs are bad. They make you do horrible things, such as feel too much, or make you wonder where your hands went or convince you that you absolutely must have Bongo Burger now — you might die otherwise. They are responsible for many of the deep-seated problems in our society,
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