The 4/20 chronic-les of UC Berkeley

Given Insight

This Friday will be a trippy one for our hippy campus. Popularly known as “4/20,” April 20 is the cannabis counterculture’s international holiday, and Berkeley is one of the focal points of celebration. Fire alarms will echo throughout the dormitories as some amateur freshmen “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Students for
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State, federal policies hinder expansion of medical cannabis

In Berkeley, efforts to expand the city’s medical cannabis industry have been slowed as contention between state and federal marijuana policies causes confusion among business owners, local governments, legal experts and patients alike. Berkeley has already begun to see the effect of federal lawmakers butting heads with officials in states
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Protecting patients in the workplace

Greetings, UC Berkeley students. Are any of you graduating soon? Do you use marijuana for medical reasons? Do you want to get a job when you graduate? Tough luck. Many are unaware that the California Supreme Court has ruled that employers may fire anyone who fails a drug test, even
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Berkeley Patients Group, a local marijuana dispensary, now faces a countersuit from Northeast Patients Group.

Berkeley Patients Group faces countersuit by Maine group

Berkeley Patients Group, one of the city’s oldest dispensaries, is being sued and stands to lose more than half a million dollars in loans it provided to a medical marijuana group it helped establish in Maine. Non-profit Northeast Patients Group, based in Maine, filed a countersuit Aug. 15 in response
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