Adam Levine rehearses with Maroon 5 for his upcoming tour

In defense of the sellout

Why we love to hate Maroon 5

In other words, there is no question of whether or not Maroon 5 sold out — they absolutely did. The only question that remains is this: Should we resent them for it?
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(Don’t) pass the aux cord

It was cool at the time

“Do you have anything else?” Marco, my chummy Uber driver, hadn’t meant to embarrass me. When he first handed me the aux cord and told me to blast some “dope tracks,” he thought that he was doing something fun for both of us. Had any other young adult slid into
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Tunesday: For the road

Spring break is less than a week away. For many of us, that means packing our bags and heading home. As we use our week off to soak in the sun and relax, maybe these tunes will help you unwind on the road. “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson A Swedish
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