Every superhero film to look forward to in 2019

2018 was a banner year for comic-book film devotees. Last year brought us moments such as Miles Morales meeting interdimensional spider-people, Tom Hardy giving his twitchiest performance to date as Eddie Brock, Jason Momoa fighting a sea monster voiced by Julie Andrews and, of course, the snap heard ‘round the
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Remembering comic book revolutionary Stan Lee

Lee brought the idea of superheroes with ordinary characteristics into the mainstream, a trope that led to the large-scale popularization of his stories. With that came the widespread consumption of his comics and, eventually, films.
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Why ‘Venom’ lacks any real bite

Somewhere between witnessing a sweaty Tom Hardy chomp on a live lobster and seeing the character of Venom soulfully tell Eddie Brock that he’d made him change his mind about humanity, I realized that “Venom” was not the version of the story that I’d grown up with.
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