Who is Oski?

You know him. You love him. You’ve probably made jokes about how creepy he looks but definitely own at least one item with his face on it. Yes, we’re talking about our beloved mascot, Oski. Oski’s been around for a while — since 1941. Prior to the mascot’s debut, live bears
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Maya Shen:Staff

The lowdown on Pac-12 mascots

We have all come to love Cal’s mascot Oski. As true UC Berkeley lovers, we find ourselves defending him despite his dorky sweater and commonly critiqued chubby physique. We at the Clog thought it would be helpful to break down what the competition’s mascots look like to further understand why Oski triumphs as
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Long Live the Mascots

I think the thing I struggle with the most is mascot murder. My high school, the Beverly Hills High Normans, had a bitter rival: the Santa Monica High Vikings. I played a zillion sports back then, but I observed most of the proceedings from the bench with mild investment at
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GBaum’s World

If I were to ask you where you could find a competition that involves millions of votes, a cash prize of $20,000, videos with unapologetic sexual innuendos as well as a glaring injustice, could I at least get you to click if the link appeared in your brand new Facebook
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