Dick flicks for chicks

Sex on Tuesday

Woman smiles with her arms crossed in front of her.

This column was originally published in the Aug. 31, 2010 issue of The Daily Californian. It’s either a great misconception that women don’t watch and enjoy porn, or I just happen to know the only girls in existence who do. I’m not saying we watch it all the time to
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Belly of the beast

Sex on Tuesday

So to you, my faithful reader, welcome to sex on Tuesday. Not relationships on Tuesday. Not love on Tuesday. Dripping pussy, wet on the sheets, sweat and heat, blood on the tongue, all taste buds and goosebumps, sex.
Welcome to the belly of the beast.
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Polishing the pearl

Sex on Tuesday

There’s also tends to be a lot more stigma surrounding masturbation for people without penises, like it’s somehow uncouth to touch yourself if you’ve got a vagina.
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Hard and Soft Final Image

Episode #3: Semen Demon

Hard and Soft

In the third episode of Hard and Soft, Chris and Josh interview the infamous “Semen Demon,” a Cal student and notorious jerking enthusiast. Listen to hosts Chris and Josh take on masturbation, awkward roommate encounters, and triple-round bursts- oh my! Thank you for your support for Hard and Soft! Every
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Catherine Straus_online1

Takes two to tango

2 cents on 2 sides

Content warning: sexual violence The portion of men that spend their leisure time on 4chan, Reddit and The Daily Californian website shaming sexually active women certainly cannot afford to do so. Women in today’s progressive society don’t line up to date men who call them “used goods” for having sex,
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A laywoman’s view on gushing

Sex on Tuesday

I was relatively late to the sex game. It wasn’t until well after my first sexual romp that I had the desire or mental wherewithal to masturbate. This yearslong mental obstacle overcome, imagine my horror when after a little pleasurable digging I feel the equivalent of what I imagine it must
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Twirl the pearl, tug the slug

Health and Happiness

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of masturbation is the classic “American Pie”-esque movie scene in which a high-schooler furiously strokes away, wide-eyed in front of a computer screen, beside a trash can filled to the brim with sticky, crinkled tissues, only to be disturbed mid-ejaculation
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sex blog

Masturbation talk

Sex on Blogday

Everyone must masturbate. And almost everybody does, too, but masturbation is still not typically openly discussed. Instead of embracing it an act of self-exploration, many times people keep it hidden back in the bedroom. But masturbation should be at the forefront of discussion when it comes to sexuality, because it
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A penetrative history of spanking the monkey

Taming the trouser snake, frosting the pie, unlocking the chamber of secrets, battling the purple-headed yogurt slinger — we all know what these phrases really mean. It’s been around since human beings first realized hands could be useful for something other than high-fiving and biting one’s thumb in insult.
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