Zach Maynard drives an invisible car — ahem, drives his team to a 50-31 win.

Maynard Mondays Week 2: More Maynard mediocrity

So here’s the deal: Zach Maynard is not a terrible quarterback. He is certainly not a Joe Ayoob or Nate Longshore, and for that the Cal faithful won’t call for his head. However, he’s never going to be Aaron Rodgers. Hate to break it to you, Zach. But all dreams
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Senior quarterback Zach Maynard was disappointed after the game, but he kept his head — and hair — held high.

Maynard Mondays: Week 1

There’s been a lot of talk about Zach Maynard’s first quarter suspension in Saturday’s 31-24 season-opening loss to Nevada. Why the first quarter and not the rest of the game? Why not give other players more notice? Why suspend him at all? We don’t know everything that went into head coach Jeff Tedford’s decision to sit Maynard. Here’s what we do know.
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Zach Maynard is entering his senior year and second season as Cals starting quarterback.

Maynard Mondays: Preseason speculation

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Maynard Mondays, where we’ll track senior quarterback Zach Maynard’s development on the field, improvement in accuracy and decision-making and growth of his neckbeard and frohawk. Maynard came in last season as a junior transfer from Buffalo, winning the starting job at the end of
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