"Bad Moms" | STX Productions Inc.Grade: B

‘Bad Moms’ celebrates imperfection

From the writers of “The Hangover” comes “Bad Moms” — a ridiculously funny, lively tale of overworked moms who reach their breaking point, thus going on wild, self-indulgent escapades to relieve themselves of the stresses of day-to-day responsibilities. In a spectrum of summer blockbuster comedies, this film is a smart
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40 thoughts we have while studying in groups

When you understand the material “Do they understand what I’m saying or are they just nodding?” “I feel like I’m teaching everything.” “Psychology claims that teaching the material will help me understand it better too.” “I’m not sure if I believe that.” “Have I ever seen these people at lecture before?” “She doesn’t even
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‘Beyond Clueless’ patronizes high school experience

If “Beyond Clueless” director Charlie Lyne gets anything painstakingly, gut-wrenchingly, hair-tearingly right, it’s the homogenization of the high school experience. As his documentary funnels disparate storylines into one cohesive — though rather shallow — narrative, the film exists as a pastiche of the modern understanding of high school rather than
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