More misinformed voters

We must hold our institutions accountable to disseminating all the news that is fit to print — for our democracy’s very survival depends upon it.
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A fun.-filled night at the Hearst Greek Theatre

Last Friday and Sunday, crowds flooded the Hearst Greek Theatre to see arguably one of the most successful groups in popular music right now. You’ve probably heard their songs on the radio upwards of a thousand times, but what exactly has made fun. so successful?
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At the first large-scale anti-Morsi protest (November 27, 2012) over 200,000 Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square to protest President Morsi's overreaching his democratic powers. In the foreground a man from Alexandria holds a cross and Qur'an before the speakers' platform as a prominent reminder that their issues with the government are secular, but also an opportunity for unification. In the background the banner reads, "Egypt for all Egyptians."

Voices speak out on Cairo

Egyptians address our misconceptions on the Middle East

If someone gave you 140 characters to share one message with the world, what would you tell people? Really — think about that for a second. Would it be a message of hope, of freedom? Would you share your words of wisdom or maybe give caution to the coming generation?
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Media networks are corporations first

The right to choose

In the wake of the horrific Boston bombing in April, millions of people waited for any breaking news that would put them at ease. Families of victims, national security advisors and millions worldwide sat in silence as the 24-hour news cycle ripped apart every detail and fact that it could
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Video: Cross Country Roadtrip

It turns out the United States is a big country. Like 3,280 miles across. Normally,the other coast is a mere six-hour plane ride away. But where’s the fun in that? Toward the end of this holiday break, I got together with two of my friends and coworkers from the Daily
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Stanford vs. Cal football 2012

Stanford beat Cal 21-7 on Saturday October 20. Watch a video with highlights from the game and post game interviews.

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Football: Cal vs. USC

Watch a video with highlights from the Cal vs. USC football game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as well as post game interviews with coaches and players. USC beat Cal 27-9.