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Oski’s Dank Meme Stash

We at the Clog have been following the 2016 election nonstop (with nothing but complete and utter nonpartisanism, naturally). You might be feeling hopeless. You might wish that the election would just end already. Never fear, dear readers, there is a saving grace in this icky swamp of muck: the good work that’s been done on
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Calstrology: Internet memes

You might have seen our recent article on the Barnum effect, which helps explain why we find horoscopes so addictive. To continue feeding this addiction, take a look below for your Internet meme horoscope. See how accurately the description fits you. March 21 – April 20: Doge You might be awkward, but embrace
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Political PR: the good, the bad, the viral

Endorsement videos for presidential candidates and even city officials are taking a strange turn — not only are they going viral on the Internet but they seem to be produced for the sole purpose of going viral. There are YouTube sensations born out of happenstance and there are those that
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