A guide to Berkeley park life

With the fantastic weather we’ve been having lately, parks are a great place to go to relax, soak up the sun and even get some studying done. Why force  yourself into a stuffy library on a nice day when you might as well kick it on the grass outside? The
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5 things we learned from Cal Day

Gorgeous weather, happy prospective students and tons of free food — welcome to Cal Day! Hopefully, most of us got a chance to check out some of the events happening on campus on Saturday. After running around tweeting about all the shenanigans taking place, the Clog’s ready to share what
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The Antlers perform on campus on 4/20

The Brooklyn based indie rock band The Antlers performed on the steps of Doe Library for hundreds of people relaxing on Memorial Glade on Saturday evening. The show was organized by SUPERB Productions.


The Beserkeley High

Today is a day of celebration for families to acquaint themselves with our magnificent campus and also for Berkeley stoners to celebrate, well, being stoners.
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Academic Spring Fever casts its spell across UC Berkeley

Spring has finally sprung in Berkeley. The ASUC campaigns on Sproul have been replaced with the mischievous giggles of middle-schoolers on their first college tour. The flowers and cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, filling the campus with vibrant color and sneezes. The sun-covered slopes of Memorial Glade are
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April Fool's pic

Top 5 pranks for April Fools’ Day

Today is our favorite day of the year here at the Clog: April Fools’! It’s the best day to mess with your friends or get revenge on your roommate. And in case you’re short on ideas, we at the Clog have your back with our top five pranks for the
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Can...Should You Date Your GSI

Should you date your GSI?

It is indeed discouraging to be staring at what appears to be a colossal train wreck, only to realize that you’ve been looking out onto the history of your love life over the past couple of years. Berkeley was supposed to be your time to sweep people off their feet
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Travel Tuesday: getting intimate with the Berkeley Bay

It’s a sunny, cloudless Saturday in Berkeley and you’re in no mood to start the morning with a pile of homework. You’ve hiked to the Big C a thousand times, and surrendering yourself to the dogs and Frisbee-lovers of Memorial Glade won’t satisfy that craving for sunshine. Our solution? Check
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It's impossible to capture the beauty of this outlook, but we gave it a try anyways.

Travel Tuesday: the best view in Berkeley

As we slip into the ominous depths of midterm season and paper deadlines, it’s easy to spend our college hours slouching at a desk in Doe, scurrying from class to class or nestling under warm covers at the end of a demanding day. And even when we manage to scrape
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