Berkeley Dorms

Residence hall life hacks

Welcome to UC Berkeley, a place that will gift you with football games full of school spirit, friends that are some of the best people you will ever meet, undue stress and all nighters and Renaissance architecture. The next four years of your life will be a whirlwind of fun,
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Berkeley High School Graduation

The reality behind high school reunions

Summer break is the time when you’re able to go home and catch up with your friends face to face. Those long-awaited high school reunions with your OG buddies from back in the day are so exciting. But, truth is, these reunions hold a different meaning for each person. These reunions happen for an
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Signs you’ve found your college squad

On a campus with more than 30,000 students, finding a group of friends you connect with can be overwhelming. But once you’ve found the group of people you can go on midnight Safeway runs for ice cream with, your UC Berkeley experience will be exponentially more enjoyable. We at the Clog have
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Relics of home: A thought piece

Being home for winter break often feels like taking a trip down memory lane. Your home is a place of comfort — time seems to have frozen the moment you left and retained all of your most precious memories, much like a time capsule. You simply cannot get the same feeling of comfort
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A fading memory of Lake Tahoe

Few weekends ago, I took my own advice and sought out a little solace from California’s own glistening jewel of natural beauty and timeless clarity: Lake Tahoe. In preparation for my adventure, I couldn’t help rekindling old memories in my mind. My excitement for this outing quickly became clouded by
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Dear Berkeley: How was your semester?

Another semester has come and gone. For some, it may have gone too fast, while others may be glad it’s over. As you wave goodbye to spring 2015, we at the Clog wanted to hear your parting thoughts. We interviewed some of our fellow Golden Bears and asked one simple
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