Ismael Farooqui

Big man on campus

The Campus on a Hill

While UC Berkeley has faced criticism over the past few years for a pattern of mishandling sexual violence cases, recent coverage of Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds has thrown a very relevant campus issue back in the spotlight.
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Catherine Straus_online1

Men and periods

2 cents on 2 sides

If there’s one thing I learned about men, it’s that they have no intentions of dealing with women and their periods. Though women handle bloody messes every month and still hang on by a tampon string for decades, men who come in direct contact with a few drops of blood
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Kelsi Krandel_online

Take it like a man


Nathan Lee sits across from me on the bench as we both scarf down a late dinner. Inside the theater across the street, our dance group’s tech rehearsal is underway for our big shows that weekend. He’s a very different person than the guy I met freshman year — more
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Women more generous than men … you go girls!

Are there gender differences in giving? If you ask a woman student next to you for some help on a test, will they give it to you? Do they give more to the homeless people on Telegraph? A recent study conducted by Berkeley economists suggests that yes, in those situations,
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Meritorious applicants left in the dust

Race is just one factor among many issues in college admissions process

Almost 30 years ago, after claiming he had lost a teaching position to a woman of color, Thomas Wood turned his private frustration in to a public crusade in the form of Proposition 209, a California initiative that ultimately abolished affirmative action in education, employment and contracting in the state.
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A gentleman’s guide to sex

Off the Beat: Sex on Tuesday

It is oft said, by those of reputable esteem, that the way to a woman’s heart is through keen endeavors of charitable kindness. A gentleman of fine standing will, if he has been guided properly, display his affections in a manner befitting the occasion. Bouquets of flowers will be sent,
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