Teaching tolerance

On My Mind


I feared for my sister’s experience at a school so appalled by trans people that they weren’t allowed to show themselves to students or speak about their experiences because of some fear of it spreading or denial that they even exist.
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The author is absent

Reading life closely

This mindset creates dangerous misunderstandings about the value of literature and of the realities of mental illness.
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Robin Williams and mental health

Within minutes after its announcement, the general reaction to Robin Williams’ death on Facebook was surprise. How could a comedian commit suicide? How could a man who smiled all the time be mentally ill? How can anyone rich and famous want to end his life? Our culture seemed to have
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Notes from Folsom Street Fair

Sex on Tuesday

Leather and latex cover some parts of the bodies at Folsom, but not the parts that society typically asks of clothing. Some folk are bound by rope and chain — others are led by their partner by collar and leash, often wearing full-head leather masks. A woman’s limbs are arranged
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Off the beat: Mind matters

Young adults across the nation share many of Angelakos’ struggles of living with mental illness that I believe are reflected in the lyrics of Passion Pit’s latest album Gossamer: institutionalization, strained relationships, depression, medication, substance abuse and mania. In 2006, it was estimated that nearly one third of young adults aged 18 through 26 experienced some kind of mental illness, including high instances of bipolar and major depression. For individuals who develop schizophrenia, their first “psychotic break” is most likely to happen in the late teens or early 20’s.
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