Build for Telegraph’s sake

Telegraph Avenue is historic, colorful and homely. The city of Berkeley has mounted several efforts to clean it, light it and attract business to it. No small effort with balloons tied to it is going to be enough to improve the image of a street that is still dotted with burned-out buildings and darkened storefronts. The initial period of construction will be noisy and ugly, but these are only the growing pains of improvement. For this trouble, local businesses can expect improved foot traffic and better curb appeal in the neighborhood.
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"Flights of Mind" by Vita Wells

Berkeley reads ‘well,’ says Amazon

Summer readers, lifelong bookworms, nerds and closet nerds have another reason to be happy in Berkeley. According to Amazon, Berkeley is among the top 20 “most well-read” cities in the country. Though rankings are determined by sales alone, we can experience Berkeley’s bibliophilia just by walking around. Our campus offers
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Finding Berkeley in literature

Berkeley is a pretty great place to be, and we’re not the only ones who think so. After all, why would you give your ridiculously cool fictional characters degrees from Cal if you didn’t? If you’re into arts and literature, you probably get just as excited as the Clog does
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Michael Chabon’s ‘Telegraph Avenue’ oversaturated, dull

It’s clear in the beginning of Michael Chabon’s newest novel, “Telegraph Avenue,” that Nat Jaffe and Archy Stallings are fucked. In fact, it is the second sentence emitted from Nat’s mouth to his co-owner of Brokeland Records, a fictional, yet realistic, jazz music store in the fold of Berkeley and
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This Week in Arts

Our lead critics recommend the latest and greatest in culture: VISUAL ARTS While choice in media is generally widely varied in the Bay Area, art openings next weekend seem to favor photography. Photo-related exhibits have been popping up all over, especially related to manipulating images through technology. On Thursday, the
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