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NBA Top 25: 1

My brother had his first knee surgery when he was age 14. I was eight. It was summertime in Chicago, so it was blisteringly hot. My parents put an AC window unit in our living room, where my brother was stationed on the couch, ice pack perpetually strapped to his
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Watching sports

I watch a lot of sports. No, really. I can confidently say that I’ve seen about 60 percent of all NFL games this season, including every single game on wild-card weekend. I’ve seen the benign highlight reels of every NCAA football game from the last year — especially of teams
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Respect your elders

My blood boiled as we walked down the steep hill next to the East Asian Library. I heard the boys arguing, their voices rising in pitch and aggression as their paces gained speed. I disengaged myself from the conversation. “Kobe deserves to be in the top 10. Hell, he deserves
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Cal Softball Game

Thumb Wars: Is Cal softball > Cal baseball?

Softball: It was a rough opening weekend for the Cal softball team. However, in a season that is destined to take it back to the Women’s College World Series, this weekend’s results at the Kajikawa Classic should be regarded as nothing but a minor speed bump. Over at Evans Diamond,
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