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Meatless Wednesdays

I’m at risk. I inherited this. I sure as heck didn’t ask for it. But then again, I don’t think anyone did — no one ever does. My dad didn’t. My mom didn’t. My uncle didn’t. My brother didn’t. My grandmother didn’t. It’s in your control to a certain extent,
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Robert Reich

UC Berkeley professors with top Wikipedia pages

Let’s all be honest: When Ninja Courses fails to help us decide among professors, we revert to the time-honored tradition of looking at the length of their Wikipedia pages. All it takes is one committed fanboy to catalog a professor’s life’s work — but really, what else could we turn to? The
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Off the beat: Remember to meet your meat

I’ve yet to feel the deep, urgent repulsion toward meat products that seems to be the aim of so much vegan propaganda. I’ve also not entirely been taken up by the food movement’s tempting moral asylum available by eating free-range, antibiotic-free, organic and local animals.
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More meat, more problems in ‘Cowspiracy’

There’s something environmentalists aren’t telling you, and there’s something the U.S. government is hiding from you. The investigative documentary “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” had its world premiere in San Francisco on Thursday, revealing hidden truths that will shock even the most informed eco-warrior. And yet the question is simple: What
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A Cultural Guide to Tele-BEARS: Spring 2014

Making sure your four years at UC Berkeley are filled to the brim with worthwhile collegiate moments is a must. A trip up the Campanile, hiking the Big C and frequent trips into San Francisco are necessary items on any undergrad’s bucket list, but when it comes to academics a
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Lecture Lust: A list of famous courses at Cal

A sample of classes that students of all majors can appreciate.

Public Policy C103 “Wealth and Poverty” taught by Professor Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, is always packed with students and auditors. Reich guides the class through the factors that contribute to the gap between the rich and poor and the policies aimed at shrinking it. Many
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Panelists discuss contentious U.S. Farm Bill

The UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources hosted a panel discussion on the federal Farm Bill Thursday night, featuring a number of prominent members of California’s agricultural and nutrition community.The panel discussion, “The U.S. Farm Bill: What’s at Stake?” was moderated by agricultural and resource economics professor Gordon Rausser and
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Fresh meat is a sustainable choice

This commotion over slaughtered rabbits on the grounds of my home, Kingman Hall, reveals the stark reality of our food system but brings about a hopeful set of alternatives. I too often find myself distanced from the realities of my food. The frozen chicken breasts sitting in Safeway bring us
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