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When I enter the voting booth on Election Day, two groups of Californians will be at the forefront of my mind. First, I will be thinking of the millions of college students in our state, along with those children who hope to one day obtain a college education. My concern
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Gridlock, impasse killed Middle-class scholarship act

The Middle Class Scholarship Act would have slashed UC and CSU fees by 60 percent for middle-class students, but a combination of unwavering ideological commitments and hastily conducted negotiations made reaching an agreement impossible.
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Middle class was let down by California State Legislature

The middle class is dwindling. Since the economic downturn, politicians have rallied behind the call to help the poor and middle classes.  Political speeches are now about protecting the middle class.  But, as experience has proven recently, political rhetoric about the middle class is nothing more than just that —
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Protecting the middle class

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Lawmakers’ failure to pass the Middle Class Scholarship Act this past weekend does a disservice to California students.

Students from middle-class families arguably feel the impact of escalating tuition at California public universities most noticeably. While wealthier individuals can continue to afford the cost of their children’s education, and financial aid, for the most part, can support lower-income students, more and more middle-income families cannot afford the cost
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Summer news in review

Even though many students leave UC Berkeley for the summer, news continues to happen. Here is a brief look at the major news that occurred over the summer, from news that happened in and around Berkeley, to national news with implications for Berkeley students: May 16: The campus announced the
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Legislators to vote on tuition freeze for UC, CSU

The UC Student Association posted on its Facebook page Sunday that state Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, had secured a tuition freeze for both the UC and CSU in the state budget with an additional $120 million in funds for both systems.
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Half of Middle Class Scholarship Act passes in state assembly

Half of the legislation that makes up the California Middle Class Scholarship Act passed in the state Assembly Wednesday. Assembly Bill 1501, which passed in a 54-to-15 vote, establishes the Middle Class Scholarship Program, which would cut fees for middle-class UC and CSU students by two-thirds and would also reduce fees at the California Community
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Students should not be used as political pawns

One of the surest ways to catch a weak argument is by noticing a pervasive ad hominem within it. An op-ed written by students Andrew Albright and Paul Murre titled “Students must stand together against corporate America’s attack on the middle class” is founded in this notion that some big,
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