Israeli-Palestinian dispute over BDS breaks out on Sproul Plaza

More than 200 protesters held signs, waved flags and exchanged heated words Tuesday on Upper Sproul Plaza as multiple student groups, Bay Area residents and interested bystanders protested on both sides of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, addressing the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement directed at Israel. Matthew Campbell is
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My gritty black cup of magic

Tales of Two Cities

I’m sitting on my friend’s couch on a Thursday night, trying to prep my brain for the pain it must soon go through; I am about to study Calculus II. But I can’t muster the energy to focus on any thought except one: I think I’m falling in love with
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Turmoil abroad builds strong bonds

On a cold July morning in Santiago, the infamous Plaza Italia is packed with students wearing bandanas and scarves over their faces, huddled around handmade banners. It’s a scene I’ve passed by many times while living in a city where protesting is as normal as breathing — where sometimes the two
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We must think before we strike

The threshold for military action that violates international law should be high indeed and must at a minimum be actually capable of helping Syrian citizens who are victims of civil war.
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At the first large-scale anti-Morsi protest (November 27, 2012) over 200,000 Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square to protest President Morsi's overreaching his democratic powers. In the foreground a man from Alexandria holds a cross and Qur'an before the speakers' platform as a prominent reminder that their issues with the government are secular, but also an opportunity for unification. In the background the banner reads, "Egypt for all Egyptians."

Voices speak out on Cairo

Egyptians address our misconceptions on the Middle East

If someone gave you 140 characters to share one message with the world, what would you tell people? Really — think about that for a second. Would it be a message of hope, of freedom? Would you share your words of wisdom or maybe give caution to the coming generation?
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