The 5 kinds of Instagrams you see during midterm season

It seems to be a consistent pattern — whenever midterm season rolls around, our Instagram feeds are flooded with images of students venting to the world about how the studying is getting to them. After analyzing our feed, we at the Clog would like to highlight five main types of Instagrams
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Must-haves to take with you to a midterm

Midterm season continues, and perhaps you aren’t as on top of your game as you were in the beginning of the semester. It happens to all of us. We lose pens, run out of lead, even forget a thing or two as we rush to class. Forgetting something for lecture
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Snacks for transitioning from midterm season to bikini season

Behold: midterm season. It seems like we were just taking last semester’s finals, and now we’re full force into midterms. You’re ready to indulge in that late-night pizza or mid-day ice cream cookie sandwich, but your brain tells your heart that you must resist because beware — bikini season! It’s
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Best ways to fight inevitable midterm stress

It’s that time again. Our favorite time of the year. The time that brings us so much joy and happiness and sunshine. The time that we have all be waiting and hoping for. Mhm, that’s right: Midterm season is upon us! No one really knows how it crept up so
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Tunesday: Midterm wave relief

We’ve finally hit the one-month mark of the new semester — our spring admits’ monthiversary if you will — but this by no means is a reason to celebrate. A more important milestone, known as midterms, has come along, and we’re noticing our weekends are beginning to be spent with books more
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The 3 types of midterm zombies you might become

As midterms begin, you may see more students than usual walking on Sproul Plaza with red, sleep-deprived eyes and carrying cups of coffee and blue (actually green) books. Everyone reacts to the stress of midterms in different ways, but here are three different types of midterm zombies you may encounter
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8 Lilo and Stitch GIFs to describe midterm season

It feels like the fall semester just started, but midterms are already approaching! At some point in the next few weeks (if you haven’t already), you’ll look at your course syllabi and realize you have four midterms coming up: Then you’ll realize that your hardest class is graded on a
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